Monday, November 2, 2009


From reading title of this blog alone, I'm sure you can guess the highlight of my day by now. I acquired Taylor Swift tickets for her upcoming concert in Melbourne at Rod Laver Arena. :)

Now who can I take... maybe hrrrm .... a charming, fit young male around about 21 years old. Does anyone know anyone like that? Nah jokes the tickets defiantly Azz's, he is a massive Swift fan hehe.


Fri night:

The weekend pasted, was one of the best weekends yet. On Fri night I went to the movies with my mate Steve. Everything went really well, apart from the fact we couldn't return to the car. Since they closed of the shopping center. I'd like to say that was the least unlucky thing that happened but it wasn't. After i dropped Steve off home i got lost and got pulled over by cops. But a fun night never the less.

I then went to pick up Aaron at Pow........


You will see why this deserved to be in red in a minute!

I found him drunk. Enough said.

I figured this out because it took him around about 2 minutes to work out how to get into my car. lol. When he finally got in, he threw his hat off on my dashboard and yelled 'DAMM this hat!' Mind you he loves that hat.

Then the lil one then wanted Maccas. So as a best friend does, i drove past maccas and i got him a double quarter pounder and chips. While i ordered he yelled out to the lady's 'Your damm sexy' and when i told him to 'shut up' he replied 'Relax it brightens up their night'. I was so embarrassed. That i got the food and drove off as fast as i could.

In a matter of 30 seconds of obtaining the maccas i hear 'Ohh nooooooo! My chips! THREE SECOND RULE, THREE SECOND RULE!.' Yes he managed to drop the chips all over my car. However he picked them and continued eating as you do. Until we reached the next intersection and 'Arrghhh my chips' He dropped them again. lol. At this point i told him to be carful with the chips. But before i could finish my sentence he managed to drop them again. Three times man.

Then he demanded Gatorade so i stopped at the nearest petrol station. I decided it was easier let alone faster if i just paid. As he wouldn't let me count his money for him. 'I can do it'..... yeah right.

Then just crusing down the freeway out of the blue Aaron yells 'My hat my hat what happened to my hat. I lost my hat.' I had to assure him he hadn't lost his hat and that it was just in my back seat. Now you would think after all of that it would be a straight ride home from here on out. He got his maccas and his Gatorade what more could go wrong? But no think again. We got like 5min down the road and 'I feel sick stop the car is yelled out' so i pulled over in the next street in hoppers. Aaron almost falls out the car, when he tries to exit. But then he was ok kinda... after he went to the bathroom. Cause he yelled out to the word 'im going to take a wizzz look away LOOK AWAY'... man i hope it wasn't on someone's flowers.

The rest of the drive home was practically normal with the random conversation..... When we got to the house Aaron threw up apologized and yelled 'Get me some salt quick' he ate the salt like it was going out of fashion. The salt helps with dehydration apparently. After around about an hour sitting outside i tried to convince Aaron to go inside but he didnt want to. He said 'No! Let me sleep out side for a bit' but i forced him up and directed him to the theatre room.

I went to set up the bed so he could sleep. While he was throwing up and really dizzy. But when i tried to convince him to get up off the couch and lie down. He fighted against it saying 'No let me sleep here..... i'll feel sick if i lie down'. I gave him around about an hr of resting and tried again, but he still wouldn't budge. So i left him there asleep with his legs crossed and his hands tucked into his socks. I ask myself why i didn't take a photo. lol

In the morning at 7am i was woken up with 'Where am i?' and 'How did i get here?' when Aaron realized the shock of where he was and how he slept.


Sat night:

Annemaries 21st birthday

Saturday night was defiantly a highlight to my weekend. I had so much fun. It was Annemarie's 21st birthday. Aaron came with family and i to my cuz's 21st.

I spent the whole day excited, that i get to spend time with my cuz Jenelle and finally meet her fiancé Shaun. When Aaron met them he could understand why i was over excited. They are like fully awesome. And they thought we where fully awesome too:) I'm very much looking forward to hanging out with them in the future. :) If you want to know more about what happened Saturday night id refer to Azz's blog. But you don't have that link so too bad lol...

Plus i feel my blog is way better anyways.

Lets skip fast forward past sunday >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Because no one really cares about work.... after all its only coles.

Which brings me right back to today. And the fact i'm writing this blog in class shows my extreme boredom as I’v also added colours and fonts.

Pretty much this class i only wrote a 400 word story which if say so myself is pretty shit. You can read it if you like. i personally wouldn't.

"Perfection is of the essence. This was the only thought that kept rushing though my mind the whole time. I could hardly focus. On anything at all; as I looked out the window on to the sunshine hitting the footpath, I knew I wanted to be out there and run. Run as fast as I could away from the situation I was about to encounter.

Just then, the call for five minutes was yelled out; my heart skipped a beat. I was by no means ready for this. I could feel the tension in my muscles build up slowly. Creeping up on me like a case of the nerves which you cant control. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down, ignoring my surroundings. But I somehow couldn’t help but notice the fast pace of everything around me.

The realization that everyone in the crowded room was all here for one thing and the reality was we all weren’t going to get in. There will be winners and losers in this reality. I wanted a placement at the ballet academy more than I anyone could imagine. As I knew nothing other than ballet, I spent most of my life practicing ballet, training three hours a day plus for 15 years now I began dancing when I was two, when my mother first enrolled me into a ballet class.

The thought of not doing ballet in the future scared me, as I have no knowledge of other things. Ballet is my life and the thought of trying something new was far to terrifying to even imagine. ‘Olivia Perenatini your up’ the lady called. It was my turn now my whole future dependent on how I danced in the next five minutes. There was no room for error or bad days. No excuses were tolerated it was now or never. I could feel my heart beat so hard and fast I could barely take it.

As I walked into the interview room introduced myself to the teaching board and gave them my CD. I could feel that their eyes judging me hoping I was making a good impression. I said ‘my names Olivia and ill be dancing some contemporary ballet that I choreographed to Elisa-Dancing’. Then I closed my eyes and waited for the music to start instantly taken over. My worries instantly flushed away, the nerves non-existent anymore. Dancing put me on an incredible high where I didn’t care about the world around me I was dancing for me."

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